A Proven Turn-Key Marketing System that Drives In High Value, Insurance-Based New Patients and Keeps Them Coming Back!

Tired of health fairs, mail order marketing packages, and other used-up and worn-out marketing techniques that just don’t cut it anymore? So were we. That’s why Integrative Practice Solutions offers the industry’s first and only turn-key marketing solution that produces massive quantities of new patients on a consistent and measurable basis.

IPS Media KitHow can we do this when no one else can? Simple, no one else does what we do! You won’t find template advertisements here, or be asked to participate in health fairs. Every marketing campaign we design is customized for each client’s specific market, and designed with the end result in mind.

Research and Analysis

We start by conducting the most thorough market research and preparation process that can be found in this or any industry, utilizing the latest software and technology, as well as drawing on our years of experience in the healthcare market and in many other industries. Every client will receive a detailed demographic report, market analysis, and individualized marketing campaign with recommendations based on conditions unique to your practice prior to the creation or placement of any outbound campaign.

Marketing Executed with Excellence

Each recommended marketing material whether print, broadcast, electronic, broadcast or physical is then specifically catered for each client because what works in rural Nebraska does not work in New York City and vice versa. All placements are made on your behalf and monitored closely, sometimes on an hourly basis, to ensure that response rates and cost per lead stay within an optimum performance range. If any deviation occurs, immediate actions are taken to correct the underlying cause and restore performance to its peak level. You can’t find that level of security and hands-on delivery through any mail order system, or “ivory tower” consultant.

 Identity Package

  • Custom Logo Design (Existing Logo Re-Design) – A professional and easily recognizable Logo that represents your practice is the basis of your brand. Up to three designs and edits insure that your logo meets your desired specifications exactly.
  • Individualized Letterhead – Maximize the impact of patient recall and MD referral letters with custom letterhead that will make your practice stand out above the rest. Up to three designs and edits insure that your letterhead meets your desired specifications exactly.
  • Individualized Business Cards – When properly utilized a business card can maintain top of mind awareness for your practice and become a patient generation tool. We insure your business card is more than just your name and number by incorporating services information and a strong call to action. Designs for yourself and up to four additional staff members are included.
  • Office Brochure – Your choice from a series of effective patient educational brochures related to selected therapy programs.

Core Marketing Options

 Display Ads

  • Choose from dozens of ad templates that have proven results of generating massive amounts of new osteoarthritis patients nationwide. If you can’t find what’s right for you don’t worry, we offer fully customized options as well.

Tabloids & News Inserts

  • One of our most unique and successful marketing tools. Choose from a series of magazine and newspaper style custom wellness publications that consistently draw the greatest amount and highest quality of new patients.

Television Ads

  • A wide selection of :10, :30, :60, and :120 second television commercials designed to generate high call volume at industry low cost-per-lead.

Direct Mail

  • Postcards and specialty print pieces that have an impact and draw response from audiences that value tactile pieces that communicate your message.
Landing Page Banner for AARP - OA Knee Pain Campaign

Landing Pages  – Created to support one or many call to actions associated with marketing campaigns. Landing pages the IPS AARP (OA Knee), Neuropathy and Back Pain campaigns are already created for immediate use.

 Marketing Response Tracking & Optimization

  • Your marketing results will be constantly monitored through our statistical management software and customized forms. If response rates, cost per lead, or other efficiency indicators fall outside established national averages we take action and make changes to ensure you receive the best possible response and highest return on investment.

Monthly Marketing Campaign Creation

  • A unique monthly marketing campaign designed by our team of experienced experts takes into account seasonal changes, local market conditions, and of course your goals and initiatives to ensure on target and on budget results.

Ad Placement Services


  • No need to devote the time and energy of yourself and your staff to dealing with ad reps and solicitation. We prospect all ad placements on your behalf, sure to negotiate best possible rates and terms, as well as placing all ad materials directly so you don’t have to.

Marketing Results Reporting Shows Excellent Response Rates

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