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Instigate Action From Visitors to your Clinic Site

Many times the first impression that a prospective patient has about your practice comes from visiting your clinic’s web page. What they encounter in the first few seconds shapes their level of interest and willingness to stay on the site or to take flight.

At IPS, when you participate in the marketing package associated with one of our programs, a separate landing page is included. The landing page web address is published in newspaper advertising along with a unique phone number for tracking purposes.

Once on the your advertised landing page, the visitor will most likely click on your clinic’s website to learn more about your practice. Their decision process to reach out based on the advertising call to action may hinge on what they encounter on your clinic site. 

Although most clinics who engage in our IPS programs already have a website, it is important to incorporate the newly acquired medical protocol into the existing site at a minimum. Many clinics take this integration opportunity to freshen up or replace their existing site. IPS Marketing Services is available to help in either case.


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