Direct Mail

Personal and Tactile with High Response Rates

Direct Mail is Alive and Well

There are those who hold the belief that Direct Mail is a marketing tactic of the past. This is far from the truth based not only on our experience but by marketing research. Among upscale Boomers (age 50-68 with household income at least $75K), three-quarters report having seen TV ads during the 30 days prior to the survey, and a majority seeing advertisement from direct mail to their home (53%) and in newspaper (print or digital: 51%) At IPS we offer all three of these communication methods to get your message in the hands of potential patients.

Our folded newspaper article with a handwritten sticky note is very effective in getting targeted patients to read the article and when they call in they have significant knowledge of what is being offered.

This mailer includes a sheer page that mimics an x-ray, a handwritten prescription and a letter, all with strong call to actions. The cost is higher for this piece, however, the results make up for the cost.

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