Setting Up & Preparing Juventix PRP Products

Setting Up and Using the Juventix Cent 8 Centrifuge

Juventix PRP Kit Intro & Cent8 Tube Balancing

Processing Blood Vials & Extracting PRP

PRP Orthopedic Training Videos

Orthopedic: Shoulder & Knee PRP Treatment Presentation-Sara Liebling

Orthopedic: Knee Assessment

Orthopedic: Patient Care Plan-Knee

PRP Knee Injection Protocol-Sara Liebling

PRP Shoulder Injection Protocol-Sara Liebling

PRP Shoulder Injection Protocol-Dr. McGrath

Additional PRP Procedures

Respiratory Regenerative Medicine-Lance Liberti

Eye Disease Protocols-Dr. Vincent Domingo

Hair Restoration Presentation #1-Dr. Robert McGrath, Sr.

Hair Restoration Procedures #2-Dr. Robert McGrath, Sr.

Aesthetics Training Videos

PRP Aesthetics Consulting-Yvette Suarez,MD

This process creates a PRP Facial Bio-filler in 8 minutes.

Why Offer PRP Bio-Filler?

  • Excludes risk of allergic reactions – due to utilizing the patient’s own blood to create the bio-filler
  • Better at softening fine line and wrinkles – the PRP bio-filler consistency is more precise and refined than autologous fat
  • Bio-stimulates collagen production – PRP has growth factors that promote a healing response
  • Long lasting results – reported to extend benefits for several weeks after treatment (up to 11 weeks in one study)

Video of live procedures for MicroNeedling (Vampire type facial) and using Juventix PRP Bio-Filler in place of HA fillers.

Regenerative Medicine Patient Workshop & Attendance Recruiting-Dr. Jason Hui

Regenerative Medicine Recruiting Patients & Patient Workshop Overview

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