“I have known and utilized the professional services of Lance Liberti for the past 5 years. In every instance, his services meet or exceeded my expectation. Recently, we added a medically integrated OA component to our practice. With Lances’ help we skyrocketed right out of the gate and are on pace for an additional $2 million dollars in services in 2015. Thank you Lance!!!”

Dr. Ken Vinton

Owner, Pain Relief & Wellness Strategies Center - Grove City, PA

“I’ve been doing the program for 4-5 years now. My honest opinion after a few years is that it is worth every penny….and I’m very critical of management consultants…many of which cost me a ton of money and I gained nothing. Lance is the real deal…he knows what he is talking about and will make you more money.
The knee OA model is a no brainer…knee OA is the #1 cause of disability and you will probably be amazed at how many people suffer from OA in your practice area. I honestly think it’s also way easier to convert knee OA patients to care vs low back pain patients.  I did go with the full program. You won’t remember Lances fee when you are collecting an additional 100k/month because of the OA program.

Adding the OA model was overwhelming at first, but IPS literally held our hand through the entire first year. There are probably thousands of knee OA patients right in your backyard that are being treated by orthos. Putting this model in your practice brings those patients right to your office and adds tremendous revenue to the practice.”

Dr. Gerard DeBernardis

Owner, Central Jersey Spine & Wellness - Freehold, NJ

“Lance has been such a blessing to my life as a business consultant and as a friend. I have found that in the world of business and marketing, especially in chiropractic and integrated medical care, there are very few people who do what they promise and are always honorable.  Lance has been a very refreshing departure from that unfortunate issue. Everything he promised to help me with, he followed through above and beyond my expectations. He has a remarkable ability to make me feel like one of his favorite clients. He always has the time to help me through any situation, and with his help, I have weathered a few storms and am now on the way to sustained success. I absolutely recommend Lance to anyone wanting to grow and expand in the healthcare business. ”

Dr. Kent Owens

Owner, Core Spine & Joint - Tallahassee, FL

“I have owned and operated several clinics over the years and have coached several doctors. I have also seen a plethora of so called “marketing companies” and I have to say that Lance Liberti is the absolute best that I have ever seen. His marketing is dynamic and adapts to the small town business or the metropolitan business and the results are consistent… a steady flow of patients and customers. I highly endorse Mr. Liberti & IPS.”

Dr. Bryan Hawley

Owner, Magna - Bowling Green, KY

“The IPS team really exceeds your expectations with their creativeness and uncanny ability to think out of the box. They work extremely well with others looking to re-ignite the marketing genius deep inside of them. A perfect complement to an already aggressive marketer like myself who is leaning more and more on the operations side of the business now.”

Dr. Diego Ruiz

President, Options Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Centers - Nutley, NJ

“After 20 years of practice, hiring Mr. Lance Liberti of Integrative Practice Solutions has been the best business decision ever! His marketing results are superlative due to his phenomenal creative talents, his understanding of the industry, and his life-long experiences in the field. I highly recommend Mr. Lance Liberti & IPS to anyone wanting to expand their business, or anyone just wanting a “blueprint of success” to follow.”

Dr. Michael Williams

Owner, Physical Medicine Group, LLC - O'Fallon, MO

“ I wanted to let you know the Lunch lecture went fantastically. Please let your team know they did a fantastic job. They actually over booked and we couldn’t fit everyone in the room . Dr. Scott was amazing with the lecture of course, thanks so much for your help and encouragement.”

Melanie Farber

Practice/Marketing Director, Citrus Ridge Medical Center - Davenport, FL

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